Anna & Nathan – Full of Love

It was a very exciting time ... Nathan and Anna - I met them two years ago in Cracow. 
I got information that this will be an international wedding in the Marian Church in the heart of Cracow.
I knew it would be an unusual wedding. That was so! Anna and Nathan are amazing people. 
They are still smiling! Nathan is a very sensitive man, Anna is a organized woman, she likes to have everything planned. 
That is why their wedding day was amazing! 
Super guests from Barbados, Jamaica, Great Britain and Poland created a great atmosphere during their wedding. 
Two days after the wedding, we went to Krakowski Market at 5am. It was empty, quiet ... wonderful. 
We made some pictures at sunrise. Selected photos from the wedding and the wedding session are below. 
I invite you! Anna and Nathan - full of LOVE!


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